Bringing UnCharitable to San Francisco–The Home of Entrepreneurial and Innovative Minds

“We must champion a more entrepreneurial and risk-tolerant ethos within the nonprofit sector.” 

Embracing Dan’s call-to-action, we recently brought the principles of Uncharitable to San Francisco–the home of entrepreneurial and innovative minds. We hosted an event that united leaders from nonprofits, for-profits, tech, and policy. The aim was to brainstorm actionable ways to initiate solutions for the daunting challenges confronting nonprofits specifically in the Bay Area.

SHACK15 Conversations // Uncharitable

Participants from Tesla, Meta, VC funds, Google, and the Uncharitable Team, converged and discussed the future of philanthropy. Here are our key insights:

1️⃣ Getting on the same page: Identifying the root causes of urban and societal issues necessitates a collective effort involving all sectors. Achieving consensus on these root causes is imperative before setting attainable goals.

2️⃣ A New Framework for Coordination: Just as NASA coordinates a very complex matrix of  teams toward common objectives, we will require a centralized system of communication and collaboration, potentially embodied in a single organization.

3️⃣ Grassroots Empowerment: While top-down coordination is crucial, grassroots initiatives are equally vital. Every individual has a role to play in effecting change through education, dialogue, and challenging preconceptions. Initiatives like “Uncharitable” empower individuals to advocate for social good.

4️⃣ Embracing Discomfort: Breaking out of comfort zones is essential for driving real change. Nonprofits should proactively engage with entities outside their sector, fostering partnerships for fundraising and other shared objectivesExplore UnCharitable’s solutions to the world’ biggest problems, and ask yourself, “What if you became a part of it, a very big part, because it’s an enormous solution?

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