Uncharitable changes the way people think. The more people we get to see it, the more change will happen.

Here are eight options for using “Uncharitable” to incite a revolution:


Get your entire board to watch the movie, together, if possible.


Schedule a special staff meeting and get your entire team to watch the movie, again, together, if possible.


Contact your local high school or university about making the movie required curriculum for social studies and civics classes. We have a discussion guide that teachers can use to stimulate thinking and conversation. It will be available when the film is released for streaming.


Send an email to every friend and colleague for whom you have an email address asking them to watch the movie.


Post praise for the movie using #uncharitablemovie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media. You can download a one-minute teaser that you can upload to social media right here.


Part of a book club? Have your club watch the movie and hold a special gathering to discuss it.


Recommend the movie to the executive director or development director of your favorite nonprofit organization.


Are you in charge of a business or nonprofit conference? Use the movie as keynote speaker content at the next conference.

“Uncharitable” Was Funded Enitrely with Private Donations from These Supporters:

The Kahlert Foundation, The Peery Foundation, Dell Loy & Lynnette Hansen Charitable Support Foundation, The Hartland Mackey Foundation, The RSO Foundation, The Chuck and Ernestina Kreutzkamp Foundation, The Steward Family Foundation, Anonymous Donor, Manos Foundation, The Orion Foundation, The Glucksman Family Charitable Trust, Virginia Piper Trust, Amanda Weitman

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