“It was so powerful I watched it three times. This movie will shock, dismay, impress and gratify you. I was so sure I knew all about how charities are run, having been involved in the giving world for decades. I didn’t.”

— Annie Gilbar, Author

“This is a brilliant film that builds on Dan Pallotta’s decades of work and advocacy to rewire how we think about the non-profit sector. His exposure of the inequity of expectations and resources for non-profits spoke to so many frustrations I’ve had as a board member. If allowed to operate with new parameters, they could affect change in our society at the scale of corporate giants.”

— Kiah Jordan, Founder, Impact Family Office

“Watch and emerge a different person. It turns you on your heels and pivots you away from what you thought made sense, and shows you a different path. Injustice and unfairness are laid bare, and through interviews with some of the greatest minds in philanthropy, the film leads you to an inescapable conclusion: we must rethink our notions of how we give, because the way we do it now betrays our generosity. This is an emotional film and tugs at the very core of who we are as a country… It changes how we think… a goal of all great documentaries. I am different having seen it… you will be too.”

— Rhona Gordon

“It’s nearly impossible not to feel a gut punch when ousted Wounded Warrior Project CEO, Stephen Nardizzi, recounts to the camera the fallout of being removed from an organization he founded and the subsequent onslaught of investigations and public outcry that took over his life.”

— Roxanna Ayers, CEO of Ethos Consulting Group

“Challenging hallowed premises is difficult; challenging the foundational premises underlying our understanding of charity is even more so. Dan Pallotta has done exactly that and, in doing so, requires us all to rethink the very nature of what it means to be charitable and how charity actually functions. He liberates charity from its Puritan constraints and cogently attaches it to entrepreneurship in a way that should make us all take two steps back and imagine a new philosophy and theory of charity itself. This is nothing less than a revolutionary work.”

— Gary Hart, Former United States Senator, Scholar in Residence, University of Colorado

“The clearest and most articulate critique I have read of the system of values that our charities and other nonprofit organizations are supposed to follow… explains in graphic detail how these values undercut what charities are trying to do and prevent them from accomplishing all that they might. Not everyone may agree with [this] position, but the nonprofit world will surely benefit from a vigorous discussion of [these] arguments.”

— Derek Bok, Former President, Harvard University

“What scales would our nonprofit organizations have to achieve to eradicate the great social problems that confront us, and how do our traditions and beliefs about charity stand in their way? [UnCharitable] has elevated the questions we need to be asking. [It] provocatively challenges traditional views of how charities should operate and provides a thought-provoking alternative. ”

— Dr. David Ho, Time Magazine Man of the Year, 1996, Director, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Former President of Harvard University

“UnCharitable poses a bold challenge to orthodoxy that drives American non-profit business practice. If this is heresy, we need more of it. ”

— Raymond C. Offenheiser, Former President, Oxfam America

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