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CNN’s Hollywood Minute highlights ‘UnCharitable’ around Giving Tuesday and the spirit of holiday generosity!

CNN covers “UnCharitable” and how the film redefines nonprofits this holiday season

(UnCharitable clip starts at :48 of video)

The Hollywood Reporter has named ‘UnCharitable’ as a top documentary to watch, in the lead-up to next year’s Oscars!

“THR’S Guide to Oscar’s Top Docs” by Tyler Coates and Beatrice Verhoeven Includes Highlight of “UnCharitable”

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal’s UnCharitable featured on page seven…

Oscar-Contending Documentary ‘UnCharitable’ Says When It Comes To What We Expect Of Nonprofits, We’ve Got It All Wrong

Deadline’s Matthew Carey and the filmmakers discuss “Is the documentary genre at risk?”

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal and Producer Meredith Blake dig deep with Deadline’s Matt Carey about how UnCharitable can be a catalyst for much needed change.

The Star’s Maryann Kerr discusses ‘UnCharitable’

We need to rethink the charitable sector

“Too many philanthropists support an inequitable system when they fail to consider the work small organizations do to address the social determinants of health.” 

AD Exclusive: A Conversation Between Andrew Yang and Dan Pallotta About ‘UnCharitable’

In an Awards Daily exclusive, writer and subject Dan Pallotta speaks with former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang about how UnCharitable hopes to open an audience’s eyes.

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal’s UnCharitable takes a lot at how our donations and charitable pledges might not actually be shaping the world the way we think they are. Is there a darker side to philanthropy?

Fox5 San Diego – Stephen Gyllenhaal on His Film ‘UnCharitable’

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal talks about his film ‘UnCharitable’ and the message he wants it to send.

Associated Press Interviews Dan Pallotta

Can the new film ‘UnCharitable’ change people’s minds about “overhead” at nonprofits?

A new documentary ‘UnCharitable,’ from ‘Paris Trout’ and ‘Losing Isaiah’ director Stephen Gyllenhaal, tells the story of longtime advocate Dan Pallotta, who pioneered the idea of fundraising through bike rides and road races initially to raise money for AIDS and cancer research and treatment. Pallotta has long argued that nonprofits are unfairly pressured to cut salaries, lower operating costs and delay long term investments, which all degrade organizations’ abilities to accomplish their missions.

Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP,File

Bleeding Cool – ‘UnCharitable’ Director on Finding Renewed Purpose in Documentary

Director Stephen Gyllenhaal talks to Bleeding Cool about his latest documentary in Abramorama’s ‘UnCharitable,’ Dan Pallotta’s journey & more.

Gyllenhaal spoke to Bleeding Cool about the documentary based on the Dan Pallotta book of the same name, gaining traction as a TED Talk, asking important questions like: What if everything we’ve been taught about charitable giving is wrong? What if it’s undermining the very causes we love the most? ‘UnCharitable’ is a one-of-a-kind movie that shows how our charitable traditions and prejudices have suffocated the charitable sector and prevented it from leading the charge to change the world truly.

uInterview Talks with UnCharitable Director Stephen Gyllenhaal

Interview with Stephen Gyllenhaal, dad of Jake & Maggie, on his new documentary Uncharitable.

Static Multimedia Reviews UnCharitable

How the misperception of non-profits’ spending has caused untold damage to their ability to help those in need is chronicled by Stephen Gyllenhaal in a documentary that hopes to correct the unfair media coverage that led to congressional investigations and a massive loss of donations from a skeptical public.

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